DCS 2.5 (Stable Release)

DCS World 2 is a single, unified core for all DCS products to operate within. Rather than separate installations for each DCS products, the single DCS world interface allows the user to access all of their DCS products in a common user interface. DCS world also includes a DCS News service and will allow users to purchase DCS titles through the interface at a later point.

DCS World will be updated as DCS evolves with changes to the rendering system, AI units, AI logics, effects, etc. All aspect of the simulation inside the cockpits and new maps will be paid-for content.

The current DCS World is still in beta and will evolve over time with new features.

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Current Specs

  • Intel E5-2699v4 x2
  • Intel NVMe PCIe DC P3608
  • 2400Mhz DDR4
  • 2000Watt Redundant Power
  • 20Gb Fiber Redundant Connection
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU's